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Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks - Swatches/ Review / UK Shipping

Hello Beauties

I'm so excited to share this post with you, because these are some of my FAVOURITE products that I own.

Since last year, I grew quite obsessed with wanting to find the ultimate matte, long lasting lip colour that I could wear all day without worrying about touch ups (mainly because I get quite lazy with it) and I am so pleased that I have found that in these Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips. They retail for $6 and can only be bought via their website. 

These are an American brand that unfortunately don't ship to the UK, which is such a shame. I ordered mine through comGateway, which is a website that allows you to order products from American websites and ships them to the UK for you. 

Shipping to the UK: How it works

When you sign up to the website, you are given a US address to ship your items to. This is actually just a company warehouse (I think). When the items have been delivered from the company of your choice to 'your US address', you will receive an email, where you will be prompted to have the package shipped to your UK home. 

One good thing is that you don't get charged anything until you choose to courier the package from your US address to your UK address. However, sometimes you will recieve the email, only to be told that some, most or all of your items are not in stock and therefore, could not be sent to your US address. The time it takes to reach your US address can vary quite a bit, I find. I've placed a couple of orders through comGateway now and the first package took 2 week from the time I placed my order to arriving in the UK and the second package took just over 4 weeks. 

It's quite easy to get a little frustrated and stressed that your package might have got lost somewhere in the US, but again, you're not to worry, as you haven't been charged for anything yet. The customs and delivery charges are all worked out when you place the order, so I was not hit by any extra charges after I received my package. 

There are a few websites that offer services like this, so you can have a little look around Google, to see which one you might prefer. 


These liquid lipsticks are VERY liquidy, and if you tip the tube too far, for too long, product will come pouring out. Being so liquidy, means that these can be a little drying on the lips. This, personally, doesn't really affect me but if you're not too keen on drying formulas, then just pop on a lip balm underneath and you're good to go. 

On trial, I have found that these definitely last longer when applied on completely bare lips. so if you're planning on applying on top of lip balm, just be aware that it will mean they won't last AS long. Saying this, the weartime is pretty fantastic, with or without a layer underneath. I've had this last on me for a good 12 hours with no flaking or crumbling and no need to top up. There have been times where I've felt like it's rubbed off my lips, but when I've look in a mirror, the colour is still there, with no awkward fading in the centre.


As you can see, I chose more of the neutral, wearable shades from this range, because I knew I'd get the most use out of them and also because I wanted to see how I got on with the formula before setting my eyes on any more. What's good about the website, is that they have swatches of nearly every colour on there, on 3 different skintones, so you can kind of gather how it would look on yourself. 

This is a really nice rusty orange/pinky shade that looks really pretty on the lips. It's quite in between a neutral and a bold, so I would wear this if I was going out during the day, somewhere casual. 

This is a straight up brown shade. It's quite warm in colour aswell, which I quite like for myself. On me it looks quite neutral, but on fairer skin I think it would show up more prominently. It's a shade I wear all the time and it even made it on holiday with me. Definitely one I'd recommend.

This shade is my absolute favourite. It is the perfect nude shade for me. It's not too warm or too cool toned and goes with every look I wear. I've heard that this is meant to be a dupe for the Kylie Jenner Dolce K lip colour, but I'm not sure if that's entirely true. Either way, if you're going to be purchasing any of these, then this should definitely be a choice. 


This is a mauvy brown shade. It's a very purple brown and it looks really great paired with a deeper blush colour and a neutral eye look. It definitely stands out on the lips and is also quite cool toned.

This is a colour from the ItsMyRayeRaye x Colourpop collaboration. I had seen this so much on Instagram and it looked like a shade I would like. I was definitely pleased I picked this up becuase it's another great nude/neutral shade for me. It's slightly darker than Beeper, but I actually find I can mix the 2 together for a perfect shade.

I got this colour because everyone has a shade like this (read: I jumped on the bandwagon). It looks so great on so many people, but I found that it was just a little TOO cool toned for me and doesn't suit me at all. I have found that the best way this works for me, is to layer it over a really warm brown lip liner or lipstick (like Chili Chilly) and then I have a great neutral brown lip. 

I thought this looked really great on the website, however, I was quite disappointed with the colour when I got it. This is really pink, but the shade doesn't suit me at all. I've yet to try and find a way I can work with this, and so it's my least used one out of the lot. If I do find a way, I will be sure to update you. 

Last, but not least, is the boldest shade I got. I love deep red lip colours and to find a formula that I know won't budge is heaven sent. This is a true, deep, blood red that will suit so many different skintones and can be paired with neutral eye looks for a pop of colour and boldness.


As these are so liquidy, I find that the best way to apply them is in really thin layers. I like to wipe off the applicator against the side of the tube and then apply softly to the lips. These are totally buildable, if applied in thin layers and let to dry and I don't find that it affects the wear time at all either. After applying, they dry within around 30-60 seconds and if you want to mix colours then I find it's best to do so whilst they're still wet. After that, you should be set for the whole day. 

Phew! That was, probably, the longest post I have ever written but I hope it helps anyone who has been thinking of purchasing any Colourpop liquid lipsticks. If you have any other questions, leave me a comment and I'd be happy to answer.

Thank you for reading

Nikita x

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