Monday, 15 June 2015

May Favourites

Hello Beauties,

It has been quite some time since my last post hasn't it? Sorry! I've been away on holiday and then been extremely busy since I've been back aswell, but this post is one that I always love writing so I didn't want to give it a miss.

Let's take a look at some of the products I was loving last month.

I know I'm a bit late to the party with this one, but it really is such a great product and lasts for ages on the skin. I am planning on doing a more detailed post on it, so keep your eyes open for that. However, for now, I would highly recommend this foundation or at least trying it out in store/getting a sample if you can.

I have been loving cream blushes recently, as I've been skipping powder in my routine, so these cream blushes add colour without making me look flat. This colour is a lovely, everyday pink-peach that is buildable should you want a heavier colour. I think it's one that will look good on varying skintones aswell.

3)  Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour (£22.00) - Rosewood

I love this lip product. It's so easy to wear and the colour is the (much loved) dusty/muted rosy pink that I'm sure you can tell I am completely obsessed with, if you've been reading my blog posts. It's a liquid wash of colour that dries to a somewhat matte finish, but is not drying on the lips at all. If you're eating and drinking, you may find that you have to retouch a little, but if not then you're good to go for the day. It's such an easy colour to throw on for any occassion, day or night.

4) MAC Lipstick (£15.50) - Russian Red

I featured this in my Weekend Makeup Look post, which was actually the first time I'd worn this lipstick and since then, it's been my goto red colour. It's such a perfect shade for daytime and evening makeup looks and stays put for such a long time, even through eating and drinking! You really can not go wrong with this lipstick and it's one I would recommend to anyone wanting to try a red lipstick, or if you're on the hunt for a new one.

5) Victoria Secret Rollerball Perfume - Bombshell 

I love this fragrance so much! It's the perfect summertime smell; it's sweet and fruity but not too in-your-face. I think Victoria's Secret display this as their No.1 fragrance, from their range and I can definitely see why. The rollerball is also so handy to travel with and to just throw in your bag for any touch ups, although I have to say that this does last a really long time on the skin. I'm sorry that I couldn't find an online link to it for UK, but it's definitely instore.

In terms of random favourites this month, my first has to be Dubai which is where I went earlier in the month. It's such a lovely country and was the perfect getaway, with sun, sea and sand. They have the most amazing shopping mall, however, even with the exchange rate all the products end up being more expensive than the UK so I didn't end up buying much. In terms of music favourites, I'd definitely have to say Majid Jordan. I've been listening to his EP non-stop, it's just such good chillout music.

I think that's it for the round up for May. I will promise to be blogging more now, as I've had a few people asking me where I've been, so don't worry!

Thank you for reading
Nikita x



  1. I love Russian Red! It's my favorite MAC Lipstick!



  2. It's such a nice colour isn't it!

  3. I picked up Head Over Heels recently as well - it's such a pretty shade (though it does tend to fade on me!) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  4. Ah really? I've never had that problem so far (and hope I never do haha)

  5. I am dying to try the new Nars foundation, I've heard such great things about it! The Mac lipstick is one of my faves too :) lovely picks. x

  6. Thank you, glad you love it too :)

  7. Ah, you definitely need to, it's so good! Thank you for your comment x

  8. The Topshop cream blush looks so good, really want to try it! xx
    Chasing Belle

  9. It is a lovely cream blush and perfect for this season! x

  10. russian red is such a stunning colour

  11. I keep flip-flopping over whether to get the Nars foundation or not but I'm sure I'll cave eventually...xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  12. Haha, you should definitely try a sample at least. I love it! x


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