Saturday, 4 April 2015

Top 5 Mascaras

Hello Beauties

The question I get asked the most is 'What do you use on your lashes?' so I have decided to do a post on the rundown of the top 5 mascaras that I'm loving at the moment.

I'm lucky to be blessed with quite long lashes, naturally, so the mascaras I go for are mainly for volume as I'm not too worried about length. I feel like I get the perfect look with these mascaras.

1) Benefit They're Real (£19.50)

When this first came out, there was so much hype around this product and after seeing numerous reviews, I felt like I had to join the bandwagon. I'm so glad I did because, like everyone else, I love this mascara. I like the brush that this mascara comes with, because not only is it great for adding volume, but the mini head at the top of the brush also allows you to separate the lashes nicely.

2) Benefit Rollerlash (£19.50)

I've only recently got this mascara but it is so good! This could first be seen in a 'Mystery Mascara' frenzy that hit YouTube, leaving everyone guessing what it was. This gives the lashes a curl that holds, even without lash curlers, thickness, volume and is very black. This is an excellent mascara for everyone and is my favourite Benefit mascara, by far. I have been wearing this almost everyday since I got it (I only don't use it when I can't find it). This is also a great bottom lash mascara. I don't always find that all mascaras are, but the brush style on this mascara makes it really easy to coat the bottom lashes evenly without getting any on the skin underneath -need I say more!

3) L'Oreal Miss Manga (Original) (£8.99)

This mascara is so good that it's become one of my OMG products. On first use, I didn't like it because it was too wet and took a lot of work, BUT, after a 2 week drying-out period, this is a dream. One coat of this and I'm good to go and this one also works well on my bottom lashes, so I tend to reach for this for everyday when I don't have much time to get ready.

4) Bourjois Volumizer (Ultra Black) (£10.99)

My favourite mascara EVER! This mascara gives me the biggest lashes and everytime I wear it, I will get someone asking me what fake lashes I have on. This is a 2 step mascara; the first step separating the lashes and the second, adding volume and it really works. It adds drama, length, volume and definition to the lashes in the right way. I have been using the Volumizer mascara for years and last year switched to the Ultra Black version, which is great for making the lashes stand out. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on this product (more bad than good) as I think a lot of people find that this makes the lashes look clumpy, but if you wipe off the wand before application, you may grow to love it, like me.
This does exactly what it says on the tube. With one stroke, it gives huge amounts of volume and really amps up the lashes. It's, therefore, so quick to apply and head out. My only concern with this mascara is the size of the brush; its MAHOOSIVE and so I constantly manage to get mascara underneath my bottom lashes aswell as on my nose/tops of the cheeks/anywhere this brush can reach. This is quite easy to get used to after a few uses and for the look it gives, it is well worth it.

 Hope you find this useful. Are there any suggestions on mascaras you think I should try next?

Thank you for reading
Nikita x


  1. Have my on Roller Lash mascara. Nice post.

  2. I have they're real but I'm buying Roller Lash with my next payday, great to see Benefit in this post they do the best mascara's I've ever tried! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie: UK Lifestyle xx

    1. The Rollerlash is really good, I would definitely recommend picking it up when you can x


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