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Bootea 14 Day Teatox Review

Hello Beauties

If you follow me on Instagram, then you will know that I have been trialling the Bootea 14 day teatox (£19.99). I had a lot of requests to share my thoughts on it, so I thought I'd do a blog post on my findings.
I mainly wanted to try the teatox as a cleanse and to improve my energy levels. I find that I get bloated very easily when I eat anything and I often feel quite sluggish at around 3/4pm everyday. I was hoping to have these both improved with the help of the teatox. I have heard that there can be some weight lost during this process, as a result of the cleanse, but that was not my main focus (although always nice). I saw this in Holland and Barrett and decided to give it a shot.
The 14 day teatox comes with 14 daytime cleanse tea bags and 7 evening cleanse tea bags. You're meant to drink a cup of the daytime tea first thing in the morning and a cup of the night time tea every other night. Together, these should help the digestive system to cleanse your body.
I found that both of the teas smelt really bad and off-putting, but I can safely say that they don't taste as bad as they smell. The daytime tea tastes like very mild green tea and the night tea tastes like hot water with a slight hint of peppermint; both very drinkable. The website also have an eating plan that can be followed to maximise the weight loss aspect of the teatox, however the main food groups to cut out are alcohol and meat, which were very easy for me to do. I have been cutting down on carbs, in general, recently aswell and increasing my consumption of fruit and water. 
Overall, I haven't really felt like my energy levels have been increased at all, or that my bloating has decreased in any way. The daytime tea does not really have much of a laxative effect, however the night time tea is a whole other story! The first 2 times of drinking the tea, I left the teabag in the mug the whole I time I was drinking it and I can tell you that this is a BIG mistake. I drank the tea just before going to sleep, at around 10 and I would wake up at around 3am with the worst stomach aches I have ever experienced. I was forced to go to the toilet (sorry TMI) twice at 3 and 4am before being able to sleep again. The next morning would be more of the same and this actually caused a huge decrease in my energy levels as I had no desire to eat or drink anymore, in fear that I would experience laxative effects whilst at work. It was only because I wasn't eating anything that I wasn't getting bloated, but this is not a healthy way to live. I then moved onto leaving the teabag to brew for 2 minutes, but I got exactly the same stomach pains in the night. 
After day 8, I stopped taking the night time tea, because I read that if you're experiencing sever pains it could be as a cause of intolerance to some of the ingredients within the tea. I carried on taking the daytime cleanse tea, but this literally did nothing to cleanse my body at all. 
I'm not entirely sure if I would recommend this tea to people. If you're intrigued by it and want to give it a go, I wouldn't discourage it, but I would say that if you get bad stomach pains with either of the teas, then please stop drinking it as you may have some sort of allergy to the ingredients and this could do more harm than good for your body. (Basically don't wait for the 4th night of stomach cramps to stop, like me)
Have you tried the Bootea or have thought of trying it? Let me know
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  1. Thanks for honest review Nikita. I personally don't bother with these teas for the reasons you described above as I think just eating healthily and exercising are enough to keep you feeling well. I think these teas are great in theory but as you've explained, not so much in practice!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  2. I know, I was so sad to learn this, I had high hopes for this. Have been trialling another one which will be up soon x


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