Monday, 9 March 2015

Narssisst Blush, Contour and Lip Palette

Hello Beauties

I recently discovered a Space NK store near my place of work (happy face for me, unhappy face for my bank account). I was so excited to discover this after 8 months and can not believe it took me so long. I have a fairly long wishlist of products from Space NK, but I am restricting myself for the moment.

On Friday, I went in looking for a repuchase of my Sheer Glow Foundation (Syracuse), however, to my disappointment, it is still sold out in many stores. I then saw this palette with 3, gorgeous, pink shades and a pink gloss and had to take a look.

I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the palette is tiny! It's small enough to take travelling and even pop into your handbag, so is perfect for on-the-go. Some of you might find this to be a negative, as you don't get much product, however, it is lovely and holds all products you need for cheeks. The palette comes with 3 different blushes (L-R: Enrapture, Enthralled, Roman Holiday), a mini lipgloss (Istria) and, by flipping up the blush layer, a bronzer and highlight shade is revealed (Albatross, Laguna). There is a huge mirror on the inside of the palette and the lid of the palette can also double up as a mirror, which is handy if you are on-the-go and are worried about anything falling out.

Now, I already own the full size Albatross highlight and I love it, it's my favourite highlight shade. It's a golden, shimmery shade that suits my skin tone really well. If you have a fair skin tone, you may want to look at a more pink highlight shade as you may risk looking yellow with this one. The bronzer shade is one that I'm sure you have all heard of before and is one that has been loved by many for quite a while now. It's got shimmer running through it so you have to be careful to not apply too much, or you could look like a glitter ball. I use this shade for light definition in the C-3 shape (temples, cheek, jaw) and to add a bit of colour back to the cheeks as it's not quite dark, or matte, enough to use for contour. 

For me, the blush shades are the real winner of this palette. I always swatch the NARS blush shades when I pass a counter, but never really know which shade to go for, so this palette is perfect for me. All 3 shades are so lovely. The first and last ones are matte and the middle shade has a hint of golden shimmer running through it. Enrapture and Enthralled are bronzey-pink/rose gold shade, which I have been loving recently, while Roman Holiday is a bright pink shade. I would never usually go for this shade of pink, because I don't think it suits me very well but what I love about these colours is that they can be worn alone or be mixed together to create a more custom shade, suitable for any preference. As the first and last shades are matte, they can be mixed with the middle shade for more glow on the cheeks. True to form, of all NARS blushes, all 3 are very pigmented and can be applied lightly, or built up.

The lipgloss is a sheer, pale pink colour which is really nice. If you're worried about wearing pink lips, the colour is extremely sheer with this gloss, so can be worn by anyone, alone or over another colour. In the tube, you can see gold shimmer in the gloss, but that hasn't really translated on the lips for me. I, personally, don't mind that there's no shimmer, but if you're expecting it then you may be disappointed. 

Overall, I really like this palette and know I will be using it a lot now that the weather is getting (ever so) slightly warmer and the days are a lot brighter. It is the perfect colour combination for Spring/Summer. I would highly recommend this palette if you're new to cheek products, and are a bit sceptical about buying a lot of different products, as you have everything you need in one place. 

The palette retails at £35 and is available, exclusively, at Space NK. Click here to view it online.

Have you tried this palette? What do you think of it, would you purchase it?

Thank you for reading
Nikita x


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