Sunday, 29 March 2015

MAC Lip Collection

Hello Beauties
I thought that I would share my MAC lip product collection with you today.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will see that last weekend I announced MAC had Whirl and Soar lip liners back in stock, online, aswell as Velvet Teddy lipstick. If you haven't been too involved with the beauty world, then as an FYI, these products have been out of stock for a while after it was revealed that they were used by Kylie Jenner to create her famous (much bigger) lips that were the 'perfect' neutral shade.

I always loved the look of MAC lip products, but felt that they were quite expensive and had trouble deciding which, one or two, shades to go for. I chose to go for shades that I know I would get a lot of wear out of, so my collection is very neutral with a pop of colour and boldness aswell.
When I got the email from MAC, I grabbed my laptop, ready for the long awaited purchase of all 3 items! I also thought I should add a few of the other lipsticks that I had my eye on whilst telling myself it was just to get the price high enough for free delivery (you know you've done this too), so I ended up with 5 lipsticks and 3 lip liners.
The Liners
The 3 liners that I got are in the shades Whirl, Soar and Spice (I totally had my mind on the famous KJ lips with this choice). Whirl is a browny-pink neutral, Soar is a more of a dusty-pink neutral and Spice is a brown neutral. The texture of the liners is somewhere in the middle of being hard and creamy, allowing you to get a precise line on the outside of your lips and being able to fill them in without any dragging. This is a great formula for me, because I often switch between either lining the lips or wearing the liner as a stand alone product on the lips. Before purchasing these, I had tried to find drugstore alternatives/any alternatives, as these are, almost, always sold out in MAC stores and online, however, the dupes I had are actually not the same shades at all (oops). I was therefore very happy to be able to have the actual shades in my collection. They are all matte when worn alone, however, I have tried them all with the lipstick I got from the Cinderella collection and they look wonderful.
The Lipsticks
I ended up with 3 matte shades and 2 satin finishes (which are my favourite finish). The satin shades are Twig and Brave and the matte shades are Velvet Teddy, Please Me and Russian Red. The 4 in the first picture, are all beautiful, neutral shades that I am absolutely obsessed with right now.  I think neutral shades suit me the most and makes my lips look better without looking too in-your-face.

Everytime I go to look at the lipstick stands in a MAC store, I pick out Brave and Twig and didn't feel like I should complete my order without them. They are very similar in shade; a dusty rose, but Twig is slightly darker than Brave. They both compliment Whirl and Soar lip liners really well or can be worn alone. I then chose Please Me, which is a shade that was recommended to me by a follower, who swears by the colour for a skintone similar to mine. It's definitely a lot of a lighter pink than the other 2 lipsticks and reminds me of Rimmel's lip liner in East End Snob which I wear regularly. This is a Matte finish, and with the brighter seasons approaching, I will be getting a lot of use out of this. I then have Velvet Teddy described as a matte deep beige shade, which is totally true. I had never seen this in store before purchasing, but got caught in the hype around it and am so glad. I love this colour because it's so easy to wear and I think it looks lovely on so many different skintones, though I haven't seen it be used on someone who's extremely fair or extremely dark. To get the KJ lip, I've read that this lipstick is used along Soar lip liner, so I will definitely be giving that a go soon however, I paired this lipstick with Spice liner and loved the look.

(L-R: Spice, Velvet Teddy, Soar, Twig, Brave, Whirl, Please Me)
 For the final lipstick; my pop of colour, I went with Russian Red. This is a much brighter red than any that I have in collection. I have tried it on the lips once and loved it! I have to say that this colour has made me want to look at the bolder, brighter colours that MAC has to offer (watch this space)

(Russian Red)
In terms of texture, I have not found the matte colours to be overdrying at all, which is so nice. Although, saying that, I have been slathering on my Nuxe lip balm morning and night; more details on that here. The satins are my favourite texture I think, but I am intrigued to try the Amplified/Amplified Cremes.
Hope you enjoyed that. I would love to know what some of your favourites are from MAC and which would make your collection.
Thank you for reading
Nikita x


  1. All the colours look gorgeous! I've been wanting to get Brave for ages!

    Casey - ATopsyTurvyBlog

    1. It is such a nice, versatile colour. Definitely give it a look x

  2. Velvet teddy is such a great neutral. You have lovely collection

    1. Thank you for your comment :) It is a lovely, all-round colour x


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