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Current Nail Polish Faves

Hello Beauties!

Today's post is all about the nail polishes that I have been loving recently. I have had these colours in cycle for a while, with one new addition to the group. I like to change my nail colour every week, because I like change (and am always purchasing new ones).
nail polish mint almond coconut rosehip blue barry m maybelline
(L-R: Mint for Life, Almond, Coconut, Rosehip, Eat My Dust)

First up is Maybelline SuperStay Nail Polish in Mint for Life. This is such a beautiful colour. I will admit, I underestimated the niceness of a mint polish. I have heard other bloggers rave about Essie Mint Candy Apple (who hasn't), but I never felt like it was a shade that I would wear and so it had no place in my collection. I was wrong. So so wrong. Everyone needs a mint shade in their collection! This one is the one that I am currently loving. It is currently on my toes and I love the brightness of the colour, that I feel will be even better come summertime when it's sandal weather.

barry m gelly polish almond coconut rosehip shine nail
The next three are all different shades of Barry M Gelly Nail Paint. First is Almond and is my most worn polish. This is a bit of a hit and miss with people, I find. Some love it and some hate it and then there are those who love it but can't quite pull it off. This is my go-to nude shade and if I can not decide what nail colour to wear, I will just go for this and know that I will be happy with the choice. As it's a more brown nude, I find that it suits my skintone really well, but I think it's that factor that doesn't suit everyone. It gives a classy look to the nails and one that suits all occasions.

Second, is in the shade Coconut. I first saw this on Laura's blog a while ago and decided I was not brave enough, at all, to give it a try. It's a creamy, slightly off-white colour that I felt would be far too contrasting against my skintone (like Essie's Blanc). However, the day came where I was tired of staring at it in the bottle, wondering how it would look and so I told myself to 'man up' and purchase it. OMG - it's gorgeous. As it's not a stark white colour, this looks so lovely on the hands and a friend pointed out that it's actually, more so, because of my deeper skin colour. This shade is perfect for the brighter, warmer weather.

Third, in the shade Rosehip. This is a classic pale pink shade (think Essie Fiji but slightly more pink) and is a staple in my collection. It is another great colour for all occasions, as it's quite neutral. With my medium/dark skintone, it really stands out and if you had a tan, it's one of those shades that would make you look darker. It's the shade that people always ask me about when I'm wearing it, which is always great. I've also been enjoying applying some sort of glitter polish to the ring finger, as an accent nail to this colour.

barry m speedy dry fast eat my dust blue baby nail polish

My last polish is one that I, currently, have on my nails. It is Barry M Speedy Nail Paint in Eat My Dust. This is a baby blue colour with undertones of light grey and is a great pastel for Spring. I don't usually go for colours like this, because I never think that they suit me, but I have been pleasantly surprised with this one. As for the drying speed, I can't really comment as I always cover my nails with some sort of top coat. (Excuse the terrible painting, it was tidied after the picture I promise)

So there you have it, a round up of my current nail faves. As I said, I change my polish every week and am always finding new shades that I love, so this list could be subject to change quite soon!

Have you tried any of the above colours? What are some of your favourite polishes?

Thank you for reading
Nikita x

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